Monday, 23 July 2007

May I deviate?

Not a political blog today, but a personal one. Last Friday, I met a distant cousin of my dad's. It was the first time ever that I have met any of my father's relatives, so this really was quite fascinating. She runs a corner shop with her husband: she inherited it from her father, so it is a long-established business. She must have been a bit taken aback, but she was very friendly and invited me to drop by again.

Later on that evening, I came across another cousin online. She has made up a family tree, but only for her direct ancestors: that means that she didn't know about me! I have sent her an email and I hope that she will get back to me. If not, then no harm done. It must be bad enough having a cousin who is a crazy, right wing bigot without having them tracking you down through cyberspace. It would be nice to track down where my dad is one day. Ho hum.

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