Thursday, 26 July 2007

More blood on your hands, Mr Brown

Kiyan Prince was a talented young footballer. He was from a black family which had immigrated legally and was a credit to his family and to society. He was murdered by a Somalian asylum seeker, Hannad Hasan, described in the article as being 'obsessed with Somalian gang culture in the UK'. Why oh why oh why is there such a thing as Somalian gang culture in the UK? Why are these people not being repatriated forthwith?

The answer is very simple. New Labour has completely abrogated responsibility for keeping this country safe. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have flooded into the country since 1997 because they see this country as a soft touch. Mr Hasan had threatened a girl with a knife prior to his murderous attack on Kiyan. Why had he not been prosecuted, which would have kept Mr Prince safe? Doubtless it would have been seen as 'racist'.

Don't get me wrong. There are genuine refugees in the world, who deserve our help. There are also 'asylum seekers' who are 'persecuted' by the authorities in their own countries because they are anti-social: these people should be sent home to face the music.

Genuine refugees do not need council houses, social workers, outreach workers or truckloads of welfare benefits. They need a place where they will be safe from their enemies and enjoy three square meals a day. They could get this quite easily whilst locked up in a detention centre. If it is subsequently discovered that their claim is not genuine, repatriate them

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