Sunday, 15 July 2007

No word from Boris

Boris Johnson continues the will-he-won't-he suspense over his intention to run for London mayor. My view is that Boris would be a brilliant mayor for London and is certainly the only candidate who just might unseat Red Ken. Boris must know that his prospects as a national politician are somewhat limited: he is too much of a risk for David Cameron to promote to the Cabinet (assuming he gets the chance!).

On the other hand, the responsibilities of a mayor are much more suited to BoJo. He has the charisma and profile to promote the interests of the greatest city in the world; he is not restricted by collective responsibility; it doesn't matter too much how he feels about the inhabitants of provincial cities; as a Conservative mayor he will take a hands-off approach where necessary, allowing freedom to individuals and businesses rather than interfering in the minutiae and he is someone who genuinely engages with people. Finally, he doesn't have pals like this:

He has twelve hours or so from now to confirm his candidacy. Don't sleep in, Boris!

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