Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Parasite of the day - Joint award to Carl and Samantha Gillespie of Newbury

Who they? Carl and Samantha Gillespie have recently moved into a £500,000 eight-bedroom, luxury home in Newbury.

"So what?" you ask. Obviously they have got good jobs and/or they have inherited oodles of money. Not on your life! They don't work at all. They are 'entitled' to their home courtesy of their local authority as a reward for breeding 12 - yes, TWELVE, offspring.

Work hard in this country and the socialists screw it all out of you in tax. Be a feckless, bone idle parasite breeding like a rabbit on Viagra, meanwhile, and the socialists will hand you truckloads of welfare benefits.

COME ON, MR CAMERON - stop hugging hoodies and being tolerant and inclusive of everyone. This country needs a Tory leader who will put a STOP to this sort of obscenity once and for all. If a couple have more than two kids between them, then they are on their own. If you want to fuck you have to work. Quite simple.

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