Saturday, 21 July 2007

Still seven points behind

The YouGov poll due to be published tomorrow does not give any happier reading for the Tories. Still seven points behind; down two from the last YouGov survey. We urgently need to see more substance from the party leadership. David Cameron has won the initial battle: to put to rest the 'nasty party' image. He now needs to raise the ante. He has created a vacuum which is in danger of being filled with a 'party which doesn't really matter' image. That is not helpful at all. The Lib Dems under Ming are heading for oblivion: we don't need to worry about them. What we do need is to be attacking Labour more vigorously.

One bullet that Cameron has to bite is to demote his pal George Osborne. I think Osborne is very talented, but with such an inexperienced leader there is no room at the top for such a young shadow chancellor. Either William Hague or Liam Fox have the combative skills to wipe the floor with Alistair Darling. Why Hague was ever made shadow foreign secretary is a mystery to me. Diplomacy is not what you associate with him. On the other hand, he is second to none as a parliamentary debater and he needs a high profile role where he is allowed to play to his strengths. Since the environment is to be such a big part of Conservative policy (rightly), why not put Osborne in charge of that? A youthful image to appeal to younger voters would play very well in that role.

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