Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sunday 15th July - Doom and gloom

According to two ICM polls this morning, Labour has a SEVEN point lead and is heading towards a fourth term with a majority of 100+.

Yes, the Government which has legalised the buggery of schoolgirls; permitted homosexual propaganda in schools; made dangerous drugs easier to obtain; taken the country to war on the basis of lies; bullied a Government scientist to take his own life; branded old people as racists; imprisoned householders for daring to protect their property; sold peerages; lost control of immigration and allowed terrorists to come here while refusing asylum to genuine refugees; stolen billions from pension funds; put up taxes whilst pretending to cut them; lied, spun, bribed and bullied its way through ten sordid years, yet - hey - we don't want the nasty old Tories back, do we?

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