Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Didactofeline is a monster

For the second time, I shall devote a posting just to her. Why?

We had a catsitter while we were away. Didactofeline normally never uses her litter tray, because she goes outside for the toilet. However, whenever we are away, she uses it constantly. Our catsitter had also not cleaned it out: that was left to yours truly. Not to mention cleaning up a furball from behind the television in the living room.

To her credit, she was pleased to see us home. She seems to know when we are on our way and when the car turned into the driveway she was sitting there waiting for us. Then she began the plaintive wailing "Miaow! Miaow! Miiiiaaaaooowww! I haven't been fed since you went away!" OK, she doesn't actually articulate the last part but that is what she is saying.

That evening, the cat was up to her old tricks. The front door was ajar and she was scratching at something in the corner. Mrs Didactophobe shouted me through. When I opened the door, I discovered a very small mouse in the groove at the bottom of the door frame. Maybe I am giving her too much credit, but I am absolutely certain that Didactofeline had hidden the damn thing there. She picked up the mouse and trotted outside, where she began to chase the poor thing around the driveway. I managed to distract her and the mouse escaped. Twice. I think because I did not physically stop her Didactofeline did not hold it against me this time.

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