Thursday, 16 August 2007

Didactofeline strikes again

I was wakened this morning by a scratching sound. Then the cat landed on me. Tramp tramp tramp tramp. Purr purr purr purr. So I went downstairs with her and opened the front door. She sat in the doorway for a while and I could see through the glass of the door in the front porch that she had begun to jump about. I assumed that she was trying to catch an insect. Then I saw that she was picking something up with her front paws and throwing it into the air. I don't know how she had caught the mouse so quickly.

At one point the mouse landed outside. I opened the porch door to try and shut the front door behind her. At this, the cat bolted back in past me with the mouse in her mouth. She then proceeded to throw it around the living room as I watched in horror.

Many years ago, I saw another cat eat a mouse. She started with its head and worked her way down. It was all quite neat and simple. Didactofeline, however, began below the neck and systematically stripped all the skin from it then the flesh, leaving just its head, spine and tail. This all happened at an incredible speed. I grabbed the dustpan and brush from the kitchen, scooped up the remains of the mouse and threw it outdoors. Didactofeline followed. I locked the door behind her.

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