Monday, 20 August 2007

Go for it, Wendy!

I must confess that I have taken my eye off the ball politically recently. However, I cannot allow the expected coronation of Wendy Alexander as Scottish Labour leader to pass uncommented-on.

Maybe it is just me (although I know it isn't), but Labour in Scotland seems to be in major disarray. All their best people are at Westminster, leaving a reserve side to take on the formidable figure of Alex Salmond. Wendy is not a bad reserve captain. She is a clever woman. But but but but... she does not have the charisma of Salmond. I just don't see her as being able to win back the hearts and minds of people Labour has lost in recent years. I don't see her as being capable of rebuilding popular support for her party. None of which causes me any sleepless nights, of course.

It also causes major headaches for Broon. He can't risk a General Election with the SNP at 48% in Scottish opinion polls. Labour would be facing meltdown on his own doorstep and their parliamentary majority would have evaporated. Salmond, meanwhile, would be rubbing his hands in glee at the very real prospect of a government at Westminster relying on SNP support for a working majority.

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