Monday, 6 August 2007

Lefties play the race card (as usual)

As Boris's procession towards the mayorship gathers pace, Lefty writers have predictably descended into the sewers to try and smear him as a racist.

Doreen Lawrence, whose son was tragically murdered in a racist attack like lots of other young men, both black and white, is quoted in the Grauniad as saying that 'no informed Black person' would vote for Boris. You may recall that the Macpherson Report proposed draconian anti-racist measures that could have criminalised someone sitting in their own living room shouting abuse at a televised football match. Boris, rightly, criticised this for the lunacy that it was. According to Lawrence, though, this makes Boris a threat to the multicultural nature of London. Take my advice, missus, and actually read a significant amount of Boris's writings. There is no way that he can be described as a racist. Yes, he has said, done and written some careless things. Nothing, however, that merits the smears coming from such as:

These people. They attack Boris for not bowing down to the false god Mandela (not attacking Mandela, just failing to recognise his deification). Mandela was a brave man whose work since being imprisoned has shown tremendous compassion and forgiveness. He was also a convicted saboteur who led a terrorist orgainsation which murdered black people by hanging burning tyres around their necks. Rather than attack Mandela, Boris merely criticises the way in which South Africa has been run since white rule was replaced by black rule. The fact that Boris describes apartheid as 'tyranny' is conveniently ignored by these people.

They also quote at length a debate involving Boris and Clare Short where Boris commits the sin (in lefties' eyes) of failing to admit that Britain invented the slave trade. At least, I think that is what the point is. Conveniently ignoring the fact that no country did more than Britain to end slavery and also the fact that slavery has existed for thousands of years and is still practised today. Of course, if the slave traders are not white they are above criticism - a bit like the black African leaders who sold their followers into slavery in the olden days.

They do mention Damilola Taylor - what should be a salutory reminder that racism, intolerance and discrimination is a much more complex and multi-facteted issue than they give it credit for. The murders of Damilola Taylor, Stephen Lawrence and PC Keith Blakelock were all horrific and evil. The victims are equally dead. The white farmers of Zimbabwe thrown off their land, their families raped, starved and murdered deserve our sympathy every bit as much as any black victim of injustice.

Update: The Marxist BBC is trying to make an issue out of Labour MPs saying they will not vote for a Tory. The loony left really is getting desperate!

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