Tuesday, 21 August 2007

More drivel from Mr Kelly

Mr Kelly reports about 'two courageous Paisley women' who travelled to the Gaza Strip. I don't know whether they are related to these women who visited the West Bank, ie a very different situation. Still, I suspect that Kelly doesn't know the difference between the Gaza Strip and Paul Gascoigne's discarded football kit.

Kelly's hysterical reporting about the Israelis 'gassing women and children' conjures up pictures of the Somme circa 1916. The actual story seems to be rather less dramatic; tear gas being used to disperse a demonstration. Why were there any children around? What kind of vile parents would subject their children to the dangers of that kind of protest?

Apparently, the two ladies intend to return to 'give poor families a few dollars'. What planet do these people inhabit? If the billions which the late Yasser Arafat stole were returned to the Palestinian people, then maybe they would not be struggling so badly. If the Palestinian Authority had built factories, homes, schools and hospitals when Gaza was unilaterally returned to them by Israel, rather than building bombs, then without any doubt the plight of the inhabitants would be less severe.

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