Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Olympic Ideal

A well-known phrase, indeed. Although, as we know, the 'ideal' of the upper classes in the late 19th Century of amateur sportsmen keeping a stiff upper lip as well as keeping the working class oiks out of top-level sport has nothing whatever to do with either the ethos (spot the Greek word) of the ancient Olympics or indeed the modern ones. In the ancient world, you were a hero or a zero. If you won, you were treated as a god: if you came second, you were ridiculed. They had no use for silver medals. Whatever would they make of this?

The latest socialist lunacy is to waste £1 million a year (and that is only their basic salaries!) hiring 'equality and inclusion' managers to ensure that the building contractors are employing sufficient numbers of ethnic minority and disabled staff. Do you laugh or cry? Whilst President Putin trains hundreds of thousands of young Russians in his sinister 'Vlad Youth' organisation (or whatever it is called) to be a master race, we waste even more millions hoisting wheelchairs up scaffolding to allow the disabled to build the Olympic stadium.

When was the Olympics ever about equality? It is about promoting human excellence - not giving everyone a gold medal. This country is second to none in providing opportunities for ethnic minorities and the disabled (rightly) and it is sheer lunacy to place more socialist bureaucrats in place to meddle with the ability of private companies to go about their jobs. As the article says, no wonder the project is billions of pounds over budget.

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