Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Say 'hello' to Wendy's election agent - Mr Terry Kelly

Here is the guy. A man who claims to 'oppose racism, nationalism... and any kind of discrimination'.

To paraphrase Fox News once again, "I report, you decide".

He is keen to support the cuddly old Palestinians. Here is what he has to say in support of their nationalism: "60 yrs. of invasion and killing by Israel"; "a massive fence has been built to imprison Arabs and steal more land, an Aparthied Fence"; "Palestine is still occupied by Israel for a start"; "hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees all over the world can still remember their homes, farms and villages which were taken by force by the Israeli terrorists. "What I would like to see is a return to pre. 1948 Palestine with no Israel";

Here are some facts:

1. If the Arab nations had accepted one single UN resolution (Resolution 181), there would have been peace and an independent Palestine. The Arabs themselves chose for Palestine not to exist

2. Israel unilaterally handed Gaza back to the Palestinians, giving them a chance to improve the lives of their people. The Palestinians responded by launching terrorist attacks against Israel

3. If the late terrorist Arafat had used billions of pounds in foreign aid for the purposes it was intended, rather than embezzling it, the lives of many Palestinians would be rather easier now

4. The 'fence' has played a huge role in preventing unprovoked assaults and murders against Israelis by Palestinian terrorists

5. The mythical 'pre 1948 Palestine' was a land which had been ruled by other countries for 600 years. Is that seriously what the Palestinians want? It was a land in which the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (no, not a character from a Carry On film) Muhammed Amin al-Husseini approached Eichmann during the War to offer assistance in exterminating 'the Jews'

6. Palestinians have control over their own territories: meanwhile, the Arab population of Israel elects several representatives to the Knesset

7. Here is a quote from a Palestinian 7th grade schoolbook: "Martyrdom for Allah is the hope of all those who believe in Allah and have trust in His promises"

That's all I have time for right now. Unlike Mr Kelly, I have a proper job.

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