Sunday, 19 August 2007

Some very good ideas from Giuliani

Among his '12 Commitments to the American people' are:

1. End illegal immigration; control the nation's borders and identify every non-citizen. No faffing about with 'amnesties' for illegal immigrants, then! This will include a national database of foreigners in the country; deporting all immigrants who commit a crime and obliging all immigrants to read, write and speak English to a satisfactory standard.

2. Diversifying energy supplies, eg through increasing the use of renewable energy sources, nuclear and 'clean coal' technology, to bring about 'energy independence'.

3. Increase adoptions, reduce abortions and invest in serious attempts to reduce or prevent drug abuse.

4. Discourage frivolous lawsuits to make it easier for courts to dismiss them and to transfer the burden of costs to plaintiffs who cannot show they have brought the suit in good faith.

5. Creating the best trained workforce to compete in the global economy.

They all sound very sensible priorities to me.

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