Monday, 6 August 2007

Thick blue line

Christian Voice reports that a 'police advisory body' (ie paid for by your taxes, which you wrongly assumed was for prosecuting crime) mistakenly linked to a spoof website which mocks the modern tendency for police to follow in the honourable tradition of the KGB, Gestapo, Stasi etc and invent laws on the hoof to criminalise so-called enemies of the state. ROFL.

I hope they will forgive me if I quote some of the text:

"Our TRUE VISION is to eliminate hate thought. The police want intelligence on all those who harbour hate thoughts - or even slight misgivings - about protected individuals and groups. Loss of hate intelligence is a loss we cannot afford.

True Vision Police entirely support Mr Blunkett's wise and careful denunciation of "far-right evangelical Christians." We gave him details of all the murder plots evangelical Christians are planning in the United Kingdom at this very moment against those whose faith they reject. We informed him from intelligence gathering precisely how many church Sunday Schools are secretly training children to be suicide bombers. We told him how many evangelical Christians have been identified at weapons-training camps we know are held every spring in Skegness and Minehead. The heat is on for these violent thugs."

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