Monday, 15 October 2007

Al Gore

I am delighted that Al Gore has won the Nobel Prize for Peace. Whatever else we believe on any other issue, we have to protect the planet that we live on. When a magnificent animal like the polar bear is threatened with extinction, we have to act and act fast.

As a Christian, I have a certain ambivalence, however. Yes, we must do what we can. Equally, this world is not meant to last for ever. Read Mark 13:7-8: it is bloody frightening. Wars, famines, earthquakes and that is only the beginning, boyo. God has a plan and we must have faith that he knows best.

I once heard Rev Ewan Aitken, leader of Edinburgh City Council, say something which I reckon is good advice: Pray as though only God can solve the problem, and work as though only you can solve it.

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