Sunday, 14 October 2007

Brown is finished - good riddance

It is obvious, as confirmed by this poll in the Sunday Torygraph, that Broon is a political cadaver just waiting to be buried. Good riddance to him. He had it all - if he had had the courage to call an election, he would have won. Broon reminds me of one of my favourite political proverbs, that politicians are like bananas. They start off green and straight, but finish up yellow and bent.

Let's give Neil Kinnock credit, too. The Tories were heading for defeat in 1992, before he held his infamous Sheffield Rally to hand them victory on a plate. What is his view of Broon's vision for Britain? Schools, hospitals, jobs, economy, environment? Not a bit of it. He wants to grind the bastards into dust. One foul mouthed rant, and a reason not to vote Labour is firmly implanted in voters' minds. Lots of politicians appear not to be terribly bright, but Kinnock is the only one who has struck me as actually being thick.

Broon's bluff has been called, well and truly. He has no vision for Britain. He was the future, once. Like John Major in late 1992, the only issue for him is how long to grip what little power he has until he is forced to go. A lame duck PM - not exactly what the country needs, but if it is what we must endure to get rid of this shower, then so be it.

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