Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Not an easy issue. One of those where it is easy to be branded as a racist, which along with paedophile, is the modern equivalent of being called a witch in the 17th Century.

Various statistics are banded around. £6 billion contributed to the economy by immigrants: £8.8 billion taken out of the economy. The truth is, that no one really seems to know whether immigration is definitively a good or a bad thing. What is bad is that the most densely populated country in Europe is gaining about 200,000 extra people each year, with the Government having abrogated all responsibility for monitoring the borders or managing immigration.

Is it good or bad that six immigrants share a room; go out each day and work long hours to earn enough to send home to their families; price indigenous workers out of a job and meanwhile 5 million of our fellow citizens are being supported on benefits?

Like the curate's egg, it is good in parts and bad in parts.

Good that we are gaining hard working people; good that they contribute to the economy; bad that it leads to public services being overwhelmed by people who cannot speak a word of English; bad that people who could fill these jobs are sitting on their arses (through choice or compulsion); bad that the net immigration masks huge numbers of emigrants, many of whom take large amounts of wealth out of the country as they head for sunnier climes.

And I wouldn't want to stop my Latvians being able to earn a crust.

Still, if it means Tory voters heading to live in France and Labour voters being kept in lucrative public service jobs to manage the hoardes of immigrants, guess what the Government is going to do about it? And who is going to pay for the whole shibang?

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