Tuesday, 16 October 2007

BLINKing nonsense

The taxpayer-funded BLINK organisation reports that a Conservative councillor in Croydon has said that he will not support BoJo's candidacy for Mayor of London because of alleged 'racist remarks'.

Unfortunately, BLINK does not appear to have given us any examples of Johnson's alleged racism in its article. Having read many of Johnson's writings, I find it impossible to believe that he has a racist cell in his entire being.

Perhaps a clue lies in the final paragraph: Cllr Taylor... caused a stir earlier this year after losing his job as cabinet member for community cohesion. He described the fact there were no black or ethnic minority cabinet members on the council as "despicable".

So... man loses job... man causes a stir... man throws the proverbial rattle out of the proverbial pram... man finds easy way of getting some attention. Or am I being too cynical?

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