Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Well, bugger me!

A caring couple of foster parents have become the latest victims of Christophobia. In the Marxist Republic of Somerset, the local social services have informed Vincent and Pauline Matherick that they are not fit people to look after children because they are not prepared to promote homosexuality to 11 year olds.

The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum, haven't they? In a sane society, people who do promote sexual behaviour (gay, straight, pigfucking, whatever) to 11 year olds are recognised as paedophiles and have their collars felt by police. Ten years of the vile, atheist New Labour government and we are fast approaching the world which George Orwell forecast in '1984', where truth is lies and lies are truth and normal is perverted and perverted is obligatory.

Would a Muslim family have been discriminated against? Silly me. They are the one group which takes priority over the homosexuals.

Footnote: I just had to find out. Somerset County Council is controlled by the Liberal Democrats. You had guessed, hadn't you?

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