Sunday, 18 November 2007

Bob MacKenzie - victim of political correctness

Dedicated teacher Bob MacKenzie was, according to newspaper reports, the victim of a racially aggravated assault by a pupil. Yet he loses his job, while the thug who attacked him walks off scot-free and his anonymity is protected. Where is the justice in that?

What also gets on my tits is the quote from his employer, "As far as the school is concerned, that is the end of the matter." Again, we don't know the identity of the pen pusher concerned, but doubtless Cheshire County Council (like every other local authority) displays signs on its premises warning that anyone who abuses a member of staff is liable to be prosecuted and that assaults on staff will not be tolerated. Every time a teacher is assaulted, all of that goes out the window. Young thugs get away with behaviour which, were it to happen outside of school, would get them a sacking, a severe kicking, or put behind bars, depending on the context.

There is no word of a teacher union being involved - have they just abandoned the guy? Who in their right mind would accept a job at Knutsford High School, or in any Cheshire school, knowing that they are liable to be thrown to the wolves if a pupil takes a disliking to them? Cheshire County Council needs to show some moral fibre and offer the man his job back - pronto.

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I ws a student at knutsford high. Mr Mackensi was my rugby coach. A fair but hard man. I was no angel, infact I was a nightmare but I had passion for rugby... this mans chosen sport too. He was an inspiration to me and one of the only teachers to give me a fair chance.
I know the student involved personally and the kid was a right little shit.
Whatever mr mackensie did was obviously called for and should never had to justify his actions. Such a shame.
Russell Hammond