Monday, 26 November 2007

Fascist scum oppose free speech

Predictably enough, hoardes of left wing thugs have disrupted an attempt by the Oxford Union to host a debate involving Nick Griffin and David Irving.

David Irving has rather peculiar beliefs about the Holocaust, but to his credit they were sincere enough for him to go to prison over. Nick Griffin, meanwhile, has repeatedly said that the BNP is not a racist political party. We may have reservations about that, but in a free society they deserve the chance to accept an invitation to address a private meeting on private property. We may dislike what they say, but behaving like Nazi or Stasi thugs is not the way to oppose them.

Of course it won't happen, but I would like to think that if the hooligans who disrupted the meeting were Oxford students, they would be thrown out of the university for this behaviour. Attending university, especially a world-class one like Oxford, should encourage people to open their minds and be willing to listen to alternative points of view. If the students find they disagree with what is said, they should exercise their brain cells and demonstrate why it is wrong, not behave like petulant infants.

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