Sunday, 25 November 2007

Shagging the village bike

I have restrained myself until now, but I have to mention this story. A man who has severe problems with alcohol ended up in a homeless hostel. Somewhere that you might think he would receive some measure of sympathy and understanding.

He had a wank (as most of us do) and his self-pleasure involved an inanimate object (as it does for many of us). He locked the door of his room because he did not want to disturb anyone else.

A couple of cleaners entered his room (and of course he should have heard them knocking, and told them to stay out) and witnessed him having a wank. Now, what kind of cleaners work in homeless hostels? Would it be unreasonable to presume that they tend to be hard-bitten sorts, certainly not blushing Victorian virgins? How shocked could they have been.

It must be an occupational hazard for cleaners/chambermaids etc in any kind of hotel or hostel setting to come across sexual activity. The man should have been more considerate, of course, but he has problems. That was why he was in the hostel to begin with.

What a shocking waste of money to bring this case to court. How utterly despicable that this man should be publicly humiliated.


Tub O'Lard said...

How utterly despicable that this man not only got a 3 year suspended sentence, but was also placed on the sex offenders register.

So, the implication is, that if any person is caught having a wank - with, or without, an inanimate object, then they could also end up on the sex offenders register which, I thought, was put in place to ensure that those who are likely to cause harm through their particular perversion are not put in positions of trust. Silly me.

Mousie said...

I see your point, but what intrigues me is how (where) one actually has sex with a bicycle!

Call me naive, but surely that's got to be a bit uncomfortable!!