Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Going down, going down, going down (2)

Tip for would-be fraudsters: Keep a low profile. Being elected your local mayor; getting chauffeured around and appearing at public events whilst claiming disability benefit is going to arouse the suspicions of the doziest social security fraud investigator.

This advice was not heeded, unfortunately, by ex-Labour councillor John Walker and his wife, who are both starting prison terms. As Billy Connolly might have put it, Mr Walker looks as though he is no stranger to a fish supper and a few months of porridge might be just what he needs. One suspects that his swollen arms, legs and head, not to mention his 'extreme pain and discomfort' when walking might be to do with him being a fat lump.

Update: Apparently, they were using the money to pay for their daughter to attend a private school - and what socialist wouldn't?

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