Saturday, 1 December 2007

Going down, going down, going down...

...according to the Daily Record, at any rate.

It is clear that someone, somewhere, is fibbing big time over the sundry Labour donor scandals. Perhaps lots of people are. Perhaps some of them are elected politicians.

For the ultra-loyal Daily Record to speculate on the prospect of a leading Labour politician going to prison takes some doing. As Scotland's largest-circulation newspaper by far, it played an enormous role in turning Scotland's politics against the Tories in the 1980s and 90s.

The cash-for-honours investigation came to a rather unsatisfactory conclusion. I hope the police investigations over these donations will be conducted free from political interference and the due process of law will be followed.

I suspect that, as they tuck into the turkey in some Labour households this Christmas, one or two people will be reflecting on the fact that they may have rather different surroundings this time next year.

All of this is only newsworthy, of course, because of the incessant Labour attacks on 'Tory sleaze' in the 1990s, Blair's intent to be 'purer than pure' and the subsequent reform of the law governing party donations.

Apparently, Blair now regrets it all. I'll bet he does!

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