Monday, 24 December 2007

I'm back - in time for Christmas

Yes, Didactophobe has returned to the blogosphere. The end of term has arrived; Christmas Eve is here; Mrs Didactophobe is working nightshift and it is just me and Didactofeline in the Didactoresidence.

Bethlehem this Christmas is enjoying a period of relative peace. What the future holds for the besieged Christians, God only knows. But let us be thankful for this year.

We celebrate the birth of God Incarnate, Jesus Christ, God's greatest ever gift to humanity. Through faith in Jesus, we can achieve salvation, overcoming the effects of sin. No other man in history made the claims Jesus did and was taken seriously. No other man in history has inspired so many to good.

Matthew and Luke tell in their gospels of the miracle of Jesus' conception: the Virgin Mary being impregnated by the Holy Spirit. A ridiculous story? There are lots of stories concerning Jesus' life and death that would be ridiculous, were they told about anyone else. Yet people, not only Christians, sense that there is something different about Jesus. Why is Christianity the major target of secularists and militants? Why do dedicated atheists like Richard Dawkins expend energy attacking Christianity? What is it about Jesus that he can motivate and inspire even those who claim not to believe in him?

Jesus Christ WAS God incarnate. Jesus Christ is alive today and for ever more. The child born in Israel 2000 years ago IS the greatest man who ever lived and the ONLY one who can promise salvation for those who believe in him. God offers you charis, his grace freely given; a gift which can never be earned. It is the greatest Christmas present ever. Accept it.

Peace to all the world.

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