Saturday, 1 December 2007

Miss China is Miss World

What a shame it is no longer PC for this to appear on terrestrial television.

Miss China's favourite activities are the 100 metres and the high jump - yeah, right. And she wants to 'support those in need'. In other words, the sort of tosh that Miss World contestants have always spouted.

They have a new campaign though - Miss Angola wants to "spread awareness about AIDS/HIV". Don't worry, Miss Angola. Millions of male students/social misfits wanking about your pageant are in no danger from AIDS or HIV.

And there's more: "a week after Chinese state media reported hotels in Beijing have been ordered to stock condoms in every room". Well, the hotel we stayed in last year had ample supplies of condoms and other nicknacks in the bedrooms - one for every taste (literally). The English translations on the packets of what you were to do with them were predictably hilarious.

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