Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Most Inspiring Political Figure of 2007

Iain Dale's Diary alerts Didactophobe to the existence of the above award, being organised by Channel 4.

There are some real numpties among them. One name, however, is very curious: Aishah Azmi. According to the citation, she raised "a voice against discrimination" and "does not seem to be forcing her views on anybody". It is signed by someone called 'Sarah'.

I understood that Aishah Azmi wore her veil because of religious reasons: to find it categorised as a political act seems rather curious. In other parts of the world, Muslim women are raped, beaten and murdered if they dare not to wear the veil.

If you want to find out about Muslim women and discrimination, try Shiva Mahbobi's site. If you want to see how sympathetic this country's liberals are, you can see Shiva and her friend Reza Moradi being threatened and assaulted by left wing scum for daring to interrupt Comrade Benn. Unless they have the chance to attack Christians, Jews, capitalism, the UK, US or the West in general, lefties couldn't care less about human rights.

Back to Aishah: she discriminated against her male colleagues by refusing to remove her veil. As a male teacher, I would certainly object to a colleague treating me as an inferior being who is not worthy to look at them. How are the children supposed to communicate with someone who dresses like Darth Vader?

In my opinion, no one should be allowed to wander around in public with their face completely covered. You have no way of telling if they are male or female, friend or foe.

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