Tuesday, 25 December 2007

A peaceful Christmas

At least it has been in the Didactophobe household. Christmas dinner at a delightful country inn (albeit pricey), with a vegetarian option for Didactophobe himself.

It has led to me thinking: What is Didactophobia? Is it a blog on religion, politics, education, current affairs, genealogy, all or some of the above? It has been one thing and another in the six months or so that it has been occupying cyberspace.

I think Didactophobia is, and should be, a record of my outpourings. In 2008, I shall aim to update it every single day. Obviously, that may not be possible; however, I shall get as close as I can. I don't expect my blog to reach a massively wide audience: I would be as thrilled as any other blogger if it did, but it is not my aim. It is, basically, a personal diary in which I shall write whatever seems interesting, relevant, funny or important to me. Bloggers such as Cranmer compete in the Champions' League of blogs: mine is in the fourth division of the pub league. But the pub league can be fun.

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