Sunday, 2 December 2007

A week is a long time in politics...

It is precisely one week since I posted the question How bent is Labour?, and today one answer is obvious: even more bent than we believed possible last week.

According to the Sunday Post (Jings, Crivvens, Help ma Boab), Gordon Brown 'has put pressure on Wendy Alexander not to quit'. If you are unfamiliar with the Sunday Post, let me assure you that it is not the sort of newspaper to run sensationalist stories. Quite the opposite. It is a quaint and homely organ of DC Thomson, whose 'The Broons' cartoon has provided the inspiration for Private Eye's 'The Broonites'.

If this story is true, then it demonstrates unbelievable moral cowardice on the part of the Prime Minister. He has already shamed the office which he holds by his cynical manipulation of 'the Election that never was'. According to the Sunday Post, Broon believes that if Wendy Alexander falls on her sword, he will be forced to do the decent thing, too. I am beginning to believe that this might just, absolutely counter-intuitively, given the Labour majority, be sufficient to bring down this sleaze-ridden Government sooner than anyone dared hope.

Labour was fortunate to have two politicians in a generation with genuine brilliance: Bliar and Broon. At first, they were surrounded by less talented but pretty able people. Broon is now holding the fort on his own, with absolutely no one with the ability to share the burden. If he goes, New Labour is finished. Perhaps it is already. The dustbin of history awaits.

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