Saturday, 1 December 2007

Miss China is Miss World

What a shame it is no longer PC for this to appear on terrestrial television.

Miss China's favourite activities are the 100 metres and the high jump - yeah, right. And she wants to 'support those in need'. In other words, the sort of tosh that Miss World contestants have always spouted.

They have a new campaign though - Miss Angola wants to "spread awareness about AIDS/HIV". Don't worry, Miss Angola. Millions of male students/social misfits wanking about your pageant are in no danger from AIDS or HIV.

And there's more: "a week after Chinese state media reported hotels in Beijing have been ordered to stock condoms in every room". Well, the hotel we stayed in last year had ample supplies of condoms and other nicknacks in the bedrooms - one for every taste (literally). The English translations on the packets of what you were to do with them were predictably hilarious.

The lefties and apologists miss the point - we ALL insult Muhammad

Looking at the pictures of the savage protests in Sudan, the following thought occurs to me:

The crowd's chant of "Those who insult the Prophet of Islam should be punished with bullets" applies to whom, exactly?

The Prophet of Islam is Muhammad. Muslim belief is centred that the Qur'an was dictated by the angel Jibril (Gabriel) to Muhammad in a series of messages brought directly from Allah. It is, therefore, the literal and precise word of Allah.

If you accept the above belief, you are a Muslim.

If you do not accept the above belief, you are not a Muslim. This leads to several possibilities:

1. You are evil. You are knowingly rejecting the word of God. Your insult Allah and his Prophet. Those Sudanese protestors (logically) want you dead.

2. You believe Muhammad was a liar and warmonger, who used the above belief to manipulate superstitious savages into fighting for him. This explains the spread of Islam by force across the Middle East and North Africa. Your belief insults Muhammad, but not God (if you are right: Hell mend you if you are wrong). Those Sudanese protestors (logically) want you dead.

3. You believe Muhammad was a madman and warmonger, who used the above belief to manipulate superstitious savages into fighting for him. This explains the spread of Islam by force across the Middle East and North Africa. Your belief insults Muhammad, but not God (if you are right: Hell mend you if you are wrong). Those Sudanese protestors (logically) want you dead.

4. You believe Muhammad was mistaken, despite the fact that the revelations took place over many visitations. Perhaps he imagined it all. Perhaps it was inspired by Satan. Your belief insults Muhammad, but not God (if you are right: Hell mend you if you are wrong). Those Sudanese protestors (logically) want you dead.

The Muslim belief in the divine revelation to Muhammad, like the Christian belief in Jesus as the son of God, leaves no middle way. It is either true or it isn't. Either the man in question was whom he claimed to be, or not. If he was not, then he was a fraud and you are logically obliged to recognise this.

I believe that Jesus was whom he claimed to be. I believe that Muhammad was a false prophet. I love the Muslim as my neighbour, but I cannot in a million years recognise their beliefs as anything other than deeply mistaken.

Going down, going down, going down...

...according to the Daily Record, at any rate.

It is clear that someone, somewhere, is fibbing big time over the sundry Labour donor scandals. Perhaps lots of people are. Perhaps some of them are elected politicians.

For the ultra-loyal Daily Record to speculate on the prospect of a leading Labour politician going to prison takes some doing. As Scotland's largest-circulation newspaper by far, it played an enormous role in turning Scotland's politics against the Tories in the 1980s and 90s.

The cash-for-honours investigation came to a rather unsatisfactory conclusion. I hope the police investigations over these donations will be conducted free from political interference and the due process of law will be followed.

I suspect that, as they tuck into the turkey in some Labour households this Christmas, one or two people will be reflecting on the fact that they may have rather different surroundings this time next year.

All of this is only newsworthy, of course, because of the incessant Labour attacks on 'Tory sleaze' in the 1990s, Blair's intent to be 'purer than pure' and the subsequent reform of the law governing party donations.

Apparently, Blair now regrets it all. I'll bet he does!

Friday, 30 November 2007

Tories are sexier

According to the great Boris Johnson, 'voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts'. Well, Didactophobe has nothing to worry about on that, er, front.

Today's Daily Mail highlight's Theresa May's choice of top for yesterday's PMQs. There are rumours that she is trying to compete with Jacqui Smith - yeah, right. There is NO contest, folks. Theresa wins with a double whammy.

Jill Parkin in today's Mail has criticised Theresa, saying that she would not expect her dentist to expose 'a plunging neckline'. As my dentist is a man of a certain age, I would concur with that. However, she misses the point. Dentists are expected to be experts in their field and to get on with their job of keeping your teeth healthy. MPs are jacks-of-all-trades, for whom presentation is a large part of the job. Theresa helps to present a stylish, lively image for the Tories: let's have more of it!

"We are all Christians"

Today is St Andrew's day; brother of Peter, the Rock on which Jesus would build his church (Matthew 16:18). The founder of the Christian church in Byzantium would no doubt have been curious to read the above message displayed on a banner in Istanbul last week.

The Orthodox Church regards Bartholomew I, Patriarch of Constantinople Patriarch of Constantinople, to be the direct successor in an unbroken line back to Andrew himself, although their city is, sadly, no longer Christian.

Anyhoo, the demonstrators last week were protesting against the increasing intimidation and violence practised against Christians in Turkey. For decades, Turks have recognised the unquantifiable debt which they owe to Ataturk, who dragged the country out of the Middle Ages and out of its humiliating defeat in WW1. He did so by smashing the power of Islamic leaders and by re-inventing Turkey as a modern, secular, European state. However, we live in dangerous times. There are huge discrepancies in wealth and lifestyle in Turkey. The standard of living for the elite in Istanbul is comparable to western cities.

Cross over the Bosphorus and you pass, figuratively and literally, from Europe into Asia. The peasants of the south and east of the country close to the borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran have not shared in all the progress the country has made. Nor, in common with western cities, have the urban poor of Istanbul. This is fertile ground for resentment and hatred. If the dispossessed and downtrodden of western cities arm themselves, they are despised and prosecuted - rightly, of course. When their Muslim equivalents do likewise, they have cheerleaders by the million, ranging from the peasant fanatics on the other side of some of the world's most dangerous borders right up to the governments of Iran and Syria. It isn't really hard to see why many young men, with little else in their lives, find that attractive.

The sentiments expressed by the protestors in Istanbul were courageous and right. Civilised people of faith are under attack from an unholy trinity of fanatics, secularists and atheists. Where it is appropriate, we have to seek common ground with each other.

More Christophobia

Funnily enough, Mr Mole somehow sounds like an appropriate name for the villain of this story from the Daily Telegraph.

Cristina Odone had been asked to write a piece for the carol service to be held at St Martin-in-the-Fields this Christmas that would be 'political and controversial'. When she did precisely that, Mr Mole informed her that it was too Christian for a 'multi-faith' service.

And therein lies the problem. 'Multi-faith' is a weasel phrase normally used by people with no faith at all: at the heart of it is usually an intention to undermine and demean all faiths. There is no such thing as multi-faith: you either have faith in something or you don't. If you don't feel able to participate in a Christian service, then don't. It would be bizarre if a mosque, mandir or synagogue were invited to host a 'multi-faith' anything at all, and of course it would not be PC to do so. Attacking the Christian faith is, uniquely, permitted. Atheists should be grateful for the freedoms that living in a Christian country, uniquely, gives them. These facts are not unconnected.

The event planned by the Royal Commonwealth Society is patently not Christian, and it is offensive to Christians that it should take place in a church at all. Let the Royal Commonwealth Society retreat to a secular place for their secular sing-song.

Even worse than Sudan?

Even more horrific than the Gillian Gibbons case is the one of the so-called Qatif girl in Saudi Arabia.

Gang-raped by seven thugs, she faces 200 lashes as punishment for being in the presence of a man other than a relative. Not to mention six months' imprisonment. And a brother who wants to murder her for bringing dishonour to her family.

She is fortunate to have a husband who loves her and who supports her in all of this. If he does not believe that she is an adultress, it is beyond my comprehension why anyone else should feel she needs to be punished.

Do remember, a survey last year indicated that 40% of BRITISH Muslims support the introduction of Shari'a law in this country.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello

So, the Met is being called in to investigate the alleged financial illegality in the funding of the Labour Party. Meanwhile, according to the latest YouGov poll, the Tories now have an 11 point lead, the biggest since 1988.

I must admit, I used to have a lot of time for Broon. I suspect that if he had had the bottle to challenge for the Labour leadership earlier (in 1992, for example, he could have cemented himself in to being the eventual successor to John Smith), and had been successful, the country would have been better governed over the last ten years. However, he had to wait too long. That meant too much frustration for him all those years and, as David Cameron said at PMQs yesterday, he is now increasingly not cut out for the job.

New Labour has been sleazy for years. It is a shame that Bliar managed to move on, while Broon is the man who is likely to be destroyed by it, but destroyed he will be.

Facebook - blessing or curse?

For the first few months I had a Facebook account, I did not have any friends. I do now. And I have been quite pleasantly pleased to add a rather well-known blogger and sundry real-life friends and acquaintances, past and present.

However, the deluge of mindless messages does get on my tits. I do not want to have sheep thrown at me, nor be chest bumped, hugged or headbutted by people I haven't met for years. One has even thrown an imaginary snowball at me. Maybe I am just getting old and cynical, but FFS people! And if I ever get poked, kissed, licked or spanked by any of them, I am claiming sexual harassment.

Mrs Didactophobe leaves the NHS...

... in exchange for the private sector, in exchange for a 30% pay rise, shorter working hours and a culture which is not dominated by pen-pushers keeping themselves in a job. Didactophobe is happy.

Teacher sentenced to 15 days' imprisonment

Well, I suppose it is less bad than being flogged to death. However, the sentence passed on Gillian Gibbons today still demonstrates mind-boggling backwardness and mean-spiritedness.

What are we to make of a country which, over the last three years, has hoovered up £275 million of our infidel aid, yet which sticks two fingers up at an appeal for clemency over the naming of a teddy bear? I am not sure that I can find the words to express it.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Fascist scum oppose free speech

Predictably enough, hoardes of left wing thugs have disrupted an attempt by the Oxford Union to host a debate involving Nick Griffin and David Irving.

David Irving has rather peculiar beliefs about the Holocaust, but to his credit they were sincere enough for him to go to prison over. Nick Griffin, meanwhile, has repeatedly said that the BNP is not a racist political party. We may have reservations about that, but in a free society they deserve the chance to accept an invitation to address a private meeting on private property. We may dislike what they say, but behaving like Nazi or Stasi thugs is not the way to oppose them.

Of course it won't happen, but I would like to think that if the hooligans who disrupted the meeting were Oxford students, they would be thrown out of the university for this behaviour. Attending university, especially a world-class one like Oxford, should encourage people to open their minds and be willing to listen to alternative points of view. If the students find they disagree with what is said, they should exercise their brain cells and demonstrate why it is wrong, not behave like petulant infants.

Labour drowning in sleaze

So, now that David Abrahams has been officially outed as the secret donor behind Ray Ruddick and Janet Kidd, the BBC alleges that there was ANOTHER £200,000 donated via a solicitor.

Apparently, Mr Abrahams is claiming that he was ignorant of the electoral law. It may be a bit harder for a solicitor to make the same claim.

Labour's general secretary has at least had the decency to resign, which is unusual these days. How much did Gordon Brown know about all of this? PMQs should be rather interesting: Brown is rocking and just waiting for Cameron to punch him out.

A bear called Mohammed...

... is offensive, in Sudan. Not a pig called Mohammed, you could see their point about that - maybe. But a teddy bear.

A British school teacher called Gillian Gibbons is being held in a Sudanese police station because she allowed a primary school class to name a teddy bear 'Mohammed'. She didn't name it herself; didn't force it on them: they chose it.

In a country CIA World Factbook describes as suffering from "inadequate supplies of potable water; wildlife populations threatened by excessive hunting; soil erosion; desertification and periodic drought", not to mention a life expectancy of barely 50 for women and 48 for men; a literacy level for women of barely 50%; unemployment nearly 20%; per capita GDP of $2400 and 15% of the population are refugees, do you laugh or weep at the authorities' sense of priorities?

Well, I weep. I weep that the authorities there follow the hateful beliefs which have led to brutal oppression of Christians and other minorities; I weep that human life means so little to the evil regime of Ahmed al-Bashir; I weep that, as always, it is innocent victims who suffer.

UPDATE 2245: The British Embassy in Sudan is reporting that Gillian Gibbons faces 40 lashes for blasphemy. This is savagery. Until 1956, Sudan was a British colony - can anyone seriously argue that independence has been a good thing?

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Shagging the village bike

I have restrained myself until now, but I have to mention this story. A man who has severe problems with alcohol ended up in a homeless hostel. Somewhere that you might think he would receive some measure of sympathy and understanding.

He had a wank (as most of us do) and his self-pleasure involved an inanimate object (as it does for many of us). He locked the door of his room because he did not want to disturb anyone else.

A couple of cleaners entered his room (and of course he should have heard them knocking, and told them to stay out) and witnessed him having a wank. Now, what kind of cleaners work in homeless hostels? Would it be unreasonable to presume that they tend to be hard-bitten sorts, certainly not blushing Victorian virgins? How shocked could they have been.

It must be an occupational hazard for cleaners/chambermaids etc in any kind of hotel or hostel setting to come across sexual activity. The man should have been more considerate, of course, but he has problems. That was why he was in the hostel to begin with.

What a shocking waste of money to bring this case to court. How utterly despicable that this man should be publicly humiliated.

How BENT is Labour?

The latest example of corruption from our governing party - one of its largest 'donors' is a builder who claims to know nothing about the donation made in his name.

£381,850 donated by two ordinary working people, or so we are asked to believe. I suppose it explains why Mrs Kidd's husband is "not happy with her". If I discovered that Mrs Didactophobe had been writing huge cheques to a political party, I would certainly have words with her.

I trust that the police will be investigating this thoroughly. If Mr Ruddick sticks to his latest story that he "made donations to Labour... which totalled £80,000", I presume that Mr Taxman will also be intrigued to know where he got the money from.