Saturday, 5 January 2008

Didactophobe is drunk

Don't expect a long post tonight. He went out with Mrs Didactophobe with friends for a meal at their favourite Indian restaurant, then was induced to go to a pub afterwards for further libations. Ergo, he is pissed. Don't expect a sensible post tonight. Love you all.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Nonce walks out of jail

A rapist serving a life sentence has walked out of an open prison. Police say that he is dangerous and should not be approached.

I know, you are waiting for the punchline. Unfortunately, there isn't one. If Adam Mark is 'a danger to the public', then why oh why oh why was he ever allowed to be in a position where he could be dangerous? Why was he not kept securely behind bars? Open prisons have developed a deservedly bad reputation in recent years, but this one really takes the biscuit. Open prisons should be for relatively harmless souls who are unlikely to reoffend, not hideously dangerous people like this.

Tough on crime - Bollocks

Remember when New Labour was elected, promising to be "Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime"?

We know that was a lie, fair enough. James Quantrill and Thomas Orme are the scum who have been convicted of hideously torturing a man before killing him. Both have lengthy criminal records, described by the judge as 'appalling'.

So, what would be an appropriate punishment? Certainly not the five year and three and a half year sentences imposed. They won't even be in a proper prison - instead, some feeble detention centre. These evil people should be put behind bars and never released. The chance of them reforming and ever being useful members of society is next to zero. Sentences like this show the utmost contempt for the victim, his family, and law-abiding members of society in general.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

The old school tie

I didn't attend a distinguished school like your good self. However, my old school produced two Nobel Prize winners. Did your school? Thought not.

My old school used to be selective. It attracted the most intelligent children in the area, not necessarily from the richest families, and certainly not the richest area. It then used to churn out young adults who could contribute effectively to society. Some became great.

My grandmother was clever enough to attend the school during its selective days. Decades later, she spoke warmly of it and of a French student teacher called Monsieur Henry, 'a black man' in days when a northern town like us had rarely seen 'a black man'.

Now, I did not attend that school during its glory days. When I was there, it was a pretty average Comprehensive, but not bad at all. Since then, its catchment area has been changed, its roll has been cut, and its exam results are not a patch on what ours were. Is this progress? I don't think so.

Trains Misery: West Coast Main Line To Reopen

The headline says it all. The one thing worse than the West Coast Main Line being shut is the prospect of having to travel on it.

While I was bombing up and down to Cumbria on that line, the service truly was terrible. Yet, even then, it was frequently engineering work or other technical issues rather than any failure on the part of Virgin. It was a traumatic experience: week after week, arriving hours later than scheduled.

The last couple of times I have travelled between Glasgow and London, I must say that the service is much improved. I love the new trains that Virgin has, but the problem remains: decades of poor planning of the infrastructure mean that the line is not, in the 21st Century, safe enough to allow these new trains to hit top speeds. It is astonishing to reflect on the fact that we invented railways, just as we have invented most of the technology that makes our lives easier. Where has the innovation and genius gone? Do we not produce intelligent people any more, or are there other reasons why nothing works?

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

I'm pleased the prisons are empty...

Oops, they're not. So how come there is space in prison for prostitutes to get 72 hours should they refuse 'counselling'? And what, precisely, is it meant to achieve?

As NAPO says, most prostitutes have problems with drink or drugs. Three one-hour sessions are not going to solve these problems. Nor will 72 hours in prison. The only people it will benefit are the Labour-voting Guardian readers who will be employed to administer this complete waste of time and money. Police, courts and prisons have more than enough work to do in prosecuting real crime, rather than hounding women who have huge problems in their own lives.

And why is it only women who are being mentioned? What about rent boys and their clients? Well, they can't be prosecuted because it would be homophobic - they are only expressing their sexuality, after all.

Both men and women who are caught up in prostitution and wish to break out of it should be given all the support they need to do so. However, criminalising them is not the answer.

This Government has legalised the buggery of schoolgirls and reduced the age of consent for the buggery of schoolboys, as well as legalising the promotion of buggery in schools. All this has been done in the interests of 'equality' and anyone who has dared to question it has been accused of 'homophobia'. The response at every turn is that people have the 'right' to express their sexuality within consensual relationships. Is it not utterly illogical now to criminalise, as many loony lefties want to do, a consensual relationship between a man and a woman in which both parties agree to a monetary transaction?

As a Christian, I believe that sex outside of marriage is wrong. Beyond that, I am not convinced that there is anything especially sinful about prostitution per se. I am even less convinced that it is an activity which needs, per se, to be legislated against. With the caveat, of course, about the need to help vulnerable people who find themselves trapped in the sex trade.

Mainline failure

Network Rail plans to investigate why engineering work on the West Coast Mainline, has over-run. So, who employs these shoddy workers that Network Rail plans to investigate? Er, Network Rail.

In other words, they are have 'launched an investigation' into work which a competent organisation would have been managing and monitoring in the first place. Indeed, it is one of the central reasons why Network Rail exists. It is like Basil Fawlty blaming Manuel for his own management shortcomings.

No surrender of the Holy Land

According to Ehud Olmert, Israel may be forced to surrender East Jerusalem to the Palestinians. How utterly tragic it is that we have an Israeli leader so spineless (after the stupidity of the way he handled the Lebanese conflict) and Western powers so decadent that we should cede to the hideously evil terrorists of Hamas even a single inch of the Holy Land, let alone Jerusalem itself.

Let us remind ourselves that thousands of brave Christian men gave their lives for the freedom of the Holy Land during the Crusades, as they fought to protect access for pilgrims to the holy sites. Let us also remind ourselves that Hamas seeks the destruction of Israel. Let us further remind ourselves that, if Hamas wins, there will be nuclear weapons on the eastern Mediterranean poised to strike at us.

The Western leaders who are pressuring Israel to accept this evil have betrayed all of us. They are risking our safety in order to court favour with people who despise us. It is utter utter madness.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year to all my readers

I don't have a huge number of hits, compared to many bloggers. As I have said previously, I compete in the fourth division of the Sunday league. However, my feeble ramblings have attracted readers at various points from across the globe, which shows the awesome power of technology. Didactophobe sends his love and best wishes to all.

Phil O'Donnell

I was stunned to learn of the death of Phil O'Donnell on Saturday evening. He is a guy three years younger than me, fit guy who by all accounts had no bad habits, yet just dropped dead while playing for Motherwell. It is unbelievably tragic for his family, of course. However, it really seems to have resonated with football fans across the globe, judging by the posts on internet message boards, as well as having had a massive impact in Scotland.

I suppose it is a reminder to all of us of our own physical mortality and how that mortality is entirely at God's mercy. There is, however, a spiritual immortality that is open to all of us who receive God's grace: "He who believes in me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die." (John 11:25-26)

New Year Resolutions

1. To lose weight. This is going to be the year that I finally manage it. By December 14, when Didactophobe turns 39, he is going to be slim.

2. To trace Didactodaddy. From what I hear, he was not a nice guy. However, that was all a long time ago. I would like to know where my dad is, and what he is up to.

3. To post on here every day.

4. Other things are too personal for a Blog. However, I have several of them.