Thursday, 24 January 2008

BBC's anti-Israel bias continues

Unfortunately, it is considered trendy among the sort of coke-snorting, Marxist homosexuals who work for the BBC to promote anti-semitism under the guise of reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We all know that, but has produced a very detailed analysis of the phenomenon. The content of reports; the headlines used and the pictures selected have all consistently favoured the Palestinians and have been intended to show Israel in a bad light.

One example is, of course, the terribly PC way in which murderous terrorist scum are referred to as 'militants'. They are not militants, they are terrorists. Please say so. Arthur Scargill was a militant. Say what you like about him: during the miners' strike, he did not fire rockets at civilians, nor did he encourage suicide bombers to blow themselves up. The distinction should not really be hard to spot.

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