Saturday, 26 January 2008

Football can still be fun

I haven't bought a season ticket for five years: the last season I had one, I felt that I just didn't enjoy it very much any more. Matches being moved away from the traditional 3pm on Saturday also contributed to destroying the habit of Saturday being devoted to football.

Anyway, for once I watched a match on TV today, and what a cracker it was. Mansfield vs Middlesborough does not sound particularly exciting on paper: I could not have told you in advance which division Mansfield were in, only that it was not one of the top two. They put in such a brave effort today, though, against their expensively assembled opponents. Second bottom of the Football League, having a wretched season, Mansfield gave Boro a real fright.

Nothing, perhaps, compared to Liverpool vs Havant & Waterlooville. I thought all along that if Liverpool had only been drawn against one of them it would be easy. Having to play Havant AND Waterlooville made it a bit tougher. For Liverpool to fall behind twice, playing at home, really was remarkable. If the part-timers had just had that extra bit of fitness and stamina, who knows what might have happened?

I might just start watching football more regularly again.

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