Sunday, 27 January 2008

Immigrants causing increase in crime rate

Chief Constable Mike Fuller can get away with saying this, because he is black. If a white officer said anything of the sort, his feet wouldn't touch as he was thrown onto the scrapheap.

What does Keith Vaz MP have to say? "Mike Fuller raises very important issues concerned with the changing needs of local areas as a result of migration."

- Wrong, matey! There are no 'changing needs of local areas'. People need to feel safe in their homes and in the streets; they need to have crime deterred where possible; prevented when it is not deterred and prosecuted when it is not prevented. These needs have never changed and never will. The changing make up of many local areas places intolerable strain on all public services, due to this Government having wilfully failed to control immigration. Why should a single penny piece be spent on 'translation services' for criminals who have not bothered to learn English? Where immigrants can enrich our society, they must be welcomed. Where they cannot, they must be shown the door. For all our sakes.

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