Wednesday, 2 January 2008

No surrender of the Holy Land

According to Ehud Olmert, Israel may be forced to surrender East Jerusalem to the Palestinians. How utterly tragic it is that we have an Israeli leader so spineless (after the stupidity of the way he handled the Lebanese conflict) and Western powers so decadent that we should cede to the hideously evil terrorists of Hamas even a single inch of the Holy Land, let alone Jerusalem itself.

Let us remind ourselves that thousands of brave Christian men gave their lives for the freedom of the Holy Land during the Crusades, as they fought to protect access for pilgrims to the holy sites. Let us also remind ourselves that Hamas seeks the destruction of Israel. Let us further remind ourselves that, if Hamas wins, there will be nuclear weapons on the eastern Mediterranean poised to strike at us.

The Western leaders who are pressuring Israel to accept this evil have betrayed all of us. They are risking our safety in order to court favour with people who despise us. It is utter utter madness.

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