Sunday, 20 January 2008

The streets of London

According to today's Sunday Times, the Home Secretary thinks the streets of London are safe, but admits that she would be afraid to walk them at night. There is no problem, however, because it is not 'the kind of thing that people do'.

Which planet has this creature descended from? If one is a cabinet minister with a vast salary, expense account and an army of flunkies, maybe one doesn't need to walk on the same pavements as common people. However, if you are poor, a shift worker, or you just think that in a free society we should be able to walk wherever we damn well please, you may beg to differ. 'Safe' should mean just that. Safe. Not because the nanny state has decided that you shouldn't be out of your bed or because some over-promoted, over-paid clown wonders why your chauffeur isn't taking care of you.

Let us remember that Jacqui Smith has admitted smoking cannabis in the past, and has risibly claimed that her 'experiences' give her an insight into the need to tackle crime. I certainly suspect it has done something to her brain.

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