Monday, 28 January 2008

The stupid party strikes again

Yes, the Tories are still capable of being the stupid party. Just as the spotlight had been placed well and truly on Labour's sleaze and corruption, along comes Derek Conway, handing over great dollops of taxpayers' cash to his son for 'research'; no records of what work the boy actually did having been kept.

David Cameron has to act swiftly to withdraw the Party whip from this numpty (ironically Conway himself is a former Whip). The constituency association then have to deselect Conway and bring his political career to an end. This is a disgraceful misuse of public money which in any normal job would be grounds for dismissal as gross misconduct, as well as being handed over to the police.

There has been a long tradition of MPs employing wives as secretaries: if she is qualified to do the job, why not? Similarly, I don't think employing his son is a great problem, even if he was paid above the normal rate. However, there has to be accountability: there has to be a tangible and transparent outcome of the work that is being paid for.

Please please please, Mr Cameron, do not allow Labour to pretend that all parties are as corrupt as they themselves are. We need decisive action - fast.

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