Thursday, 31 January 2008

Tempestuous times

I have never experienced anything like this recent weather. I use my conservatory as my study/computer room and I honestly don't know how it is in one piece with these gales bashing it. Unlike other parts of our property. A couple of weeks ago, the side fence was leaning over the path, with one of the posts having come out of its concrete base. Because of the weather, the guy was not able to come and repair it until this week.

So the fence guy used the two relatively dry days of the week to repair the fence and put in drainage to stop the garden flooding. Not that the drainage has been able to cope with the Biblical deluge which has fallen on it this week.

The garage roof is letting in water, which is charmingly soaking through the asbestos in it and on to Mrs Didactophobe's 1988 Opel Manta, her pride and joy. The porch roof, repaired at great expense last year, has been letting in water again and the flat roof man (that is, the man who repairs them, rather than the man whom a roof fell on) tells us that the problem is actually that the cement around the window sill above it has been wearing away, letting the water in via the brickwork.

Two planks have been ripped from our side gate; our twirly thing that Mrs Didactophobe used to dry the washing on when we used to have dry weather (in the old days, we just had clothes lines) has uprooted and blown right across the garden.

A wheely bin has been blown by the wind with such force into the inside fence behind it that it has knocked a big hole in the fence.

At least the shed has stood up well - it is still wind and water tight. I am beginning to think that I know what inspired another blogger. Perhaps the Didactophobes should relocate to the shed.


Man in a Shed said...

I'm happy to recommend Homestead Timber Buildings - though I got mine done before the world discovered Kirsty Allsopp had such a shed at the end of her garden.( I suspect prices have gone up ).

didactophobe said...

Thanks for the tip!