Monday, 21 January 2008

United Kingdom RIP

So, now the Labour government has reneged on its promise to hold a referendum on the new European Treaty, Gorbals Mick has even refused to allow Parliament to have a vote on it. The pathetic Lib Dems had planned to abstain from Ian Davidson's amendment, because democracy only suits them if they think they can win. Because they rarely win anything, they generally favour changing the voting system so that they can have greater influence without bothering to win any extra votes.

Now, I am a simple old organism, and do not profess to know all the ins and outs of the Treaty. However, I do take the expert of advice of those who do know and have concluded that it is essentially the same as the proposed Constitution which was rejected. I do also believe that if a manifesto promises a referendum, then that is what should happen. I want to know that laws which affect me and my fellow citizens are made by elected politicians in national or regional BRITISH parliaments. Under the new Treaty, there will be greater power for the unelected European Commission, and not every country will be represented at any one time on the Commission. Even I can detect that this reeks of corruption.

That this Treaty will be approved by Parliament, there is little doubt. We live in an era of elective dictatorship in which the vast majority of Labour MPs are brain-dead morons who exist only to act as voting fodder to rubber stamp what the Executive dictates. My local MP, for whom the phrase 'waste of space' would unfairly impugn other wasteful spaces, I recall once notably spoke passionately against a controversial Government proposal, yet when the vote was called, trotted like a particularly obedient sheep into the lobby to vote in favour of it.

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