Sunday, 27 January 2008

Who governs Britain, or, Who is running the Asylum? - Part 1

That, indeed, was the question which Ted Heath's ill-fated election campaign of 1974 asked the country. The answer, of course, was a resounding 'Not you!'

The question today is more a case of 'who is running the asylum?'. The latest piece of treachery by Broon is the removal of the Britannia image from the 50p piece. Britannia first appeared on British coins in the reign of Hadrian almost 2000 years ago and is probably the oldest symbol of Britishness that we have.

It used to be said that the 1983 Labour manifesto was the 'longest suicide note in history'. It can now be seen that the millions of 'X' marks on ballot papers in 1997 which elected New Labour were among the shortest suicide notes in history. Those who voted for this shower in 1997, not to mention 2001 and 2005 voted for scum who wanted to destroy this country. And haven't they just...

Big things like handing over sovereignty to Brussels down to small things like a mean-spirited Chancellor just before he took over as Prime Minister without bothering about a General Election taking the time to remove Britishness from coins.

Today's Mail on Sunday asks satirically what the new image should be to symbolise modern Britain: a pit bull? a binge drinker? a cannabis leaf? a gun? a casino? a speed camera? To that list you could add: an illegal political donation; a suicide bomber; an illegal immigrant; an ASBO; a single mother and a line of cocaine. It is amusing until it sinks in just how true it is. This country is going down the toilet - fast.

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