Sunday, 20 January 2008

Who killed Madeleine?

Don't know. And I don't care. And nor do you. You feel obliged to care, but you don't really. Not unless you are soft in the head.

No, I haven't turned into Didactomonster. If Madeleine McCann turned up safe and well I would be genuinely pleased. But... it has turned into an industry. Well-meaning simpletons have turned a missing child into a gruesome 'reality' show played out in the media.

If you want to save children, log on to the Wateraid website and give a few pounds to provide clean, safe water for people in poor countries. Lack of clean water is the single biggest killer of poor people worldwide. It is so obvious and so simple that it just isn't sexy enough to get the media excited.

Anyway, the latest story made me laugh. Is this who took Madeleine has you gazing into the eyes of someone who would be arrested for vagrancy if he were raking through refuse in a third world slum, let alone be able to wander unchallenged around a Portuguese holiday resort. It is a photofit of a 'bad man', which somehow exemplifies the infantile reasoning which has surrounded the whole investigation.

Right at the beginning of the affair Robert Murat, a middle aged man who lives with his mother, attracted suspicion because he apparently behaved like, frankly, a middle aged man who lives with his mother. Then he was a suspect, then he wasn't, then he maybe was. The parents are still officially suspects.

Perry Mason isn't real life. Whoever is responsible for Madeleine's disappearance isn't about to break down and confess everything. Chances are the body will never be found. Because of errors in the investigation, the chances of getting a conviction against anyone even if they do get caught are next to nil. Show's over. Time for everyone to go home.

And if you still want to mewl and fret, give some cash to where it will do some good.

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