Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Al Aynsley-Green

No, I had never heard of him, either. However, he is the man who earns well into six figures of your hard-earned taxes to be something called the Children's Commissioner. "What does he do?" Dumb question. Does it sound like a real job to you? Me neither.

Anyway, he is spearheading a campaign to ban a device which older people can use to protect themselves against young thugs. The high pitched alarm can only be heard by young people.

Fantastic idea. So why does this Aynsley-Green think it is a bad idea? Because it 'demonises' young people and is 'creating a ...divide between young and old'. Utter bollocks. What creates a 'divide between young and old' is where older people are being attacked, mugged, robbed and their properties vandalised. A shopkeeper who has been using it has found it massively useful in dealing with thugs.

Predictably enough, Shami Chakrabarti also thinks it is a bad idea. Without reading any more, that pretty much seals it for me. Anyhoo, her objection is that we would not tolerate 'a device... that caused blanket discomfort against one race or gender'. Utter bollocks! If a woman could use it to cause discomfort to a rapist, who would object? So long as the people of 'one race or gender' are engaged in criminal activity, why should anyone have a problem with people defending themselves?

Unfortunately, the McCommissioner, Kathleen Marshall is equally stupid, supporting calls for the ban.

If these ever become widely available, I will buy one and use it. No question.

Update: They ARE available - here. Pricey, but well worth it for people like my neighbour who are plagued by thugs.

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