Sunday, 10 February 2008

Can't get no satisfaction

Unfortunately, Wendy Alexander will not be going to prison over the donation scandal. This is despite the fact that the Electoral Commission has decided that she broke the law.

Now, I am no lawyer. But should any lawbreaking by someone in the kind of position that Wendy Alexander holds not be referred to the procurator fiscal? If there is insufficient evidence to prove the allegation of covering up the donation, should it not be brought into an open court, with Wendy in the dock so that we can establish the truth?

Still maybe it is just as well. Labour has absolutely NO ONE who could take over as its Scottish leader. Wendy's weekly humiliation at First Minister's Questions as she fails yet again to land a punch on Alex Salmond is hilarious to watch. Back in August, I forecast that she would not be a success, but not in my wildest dreams did I imagine how poorly she would do.

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flats said...

Freedom for Wendy! She did nothing!!! regards