Sunday, 10 February 2008

Why Israel needs to be vigilant

The Marxist, atheist, Labour voting, coke snorting, antisemitic BBC scum are up to their biased reporting again. I suppose, to be fair to them, that "The two Israeli brothers, aged eight and 19, were injured as a rocket landed yards away from where their family was running to seek shelter" is one way of describing an 8 year old boy, celebrating his father's birthday, having his leg mutilated and requiring partial amputation as a result of terrorists firing a rocket at him.

Personally, I find the BBC reporting to be stomach-churningly vile, of a cynical and dishonest nature that Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of. It is not an isolated incident, of course: I have reported it here, for example. When the BBC apologised last year for truthfully saying that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, it was obvious that the lunatics were in complete charge of the asylum.

I pray for the injured boys and their family; I pray for all the people of the Holy Land, and I even pray for the terrorists who launched this and other attacks. I pray that the terrorists will reject whatever it is that motivates them and learn to reject evil.

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