Sunday, 3 February 2008

You shouldn't have apologised, Mr Hannan

Daniel Hannan MEP has apologised for comparing the powers of the European Parliament president to those of Nazi Germany. These rules allow the president to refuse MEPs' freedom to
speak and freedom to vote. One MEP has even being disciplined for displaying the word 'referendum' on a T-shirt.

The current British Government was elected on a lie: its manifesto at the last General Election promised a referendum on the European Constitution (now Lisbon Treaty), yet Broon is denying that to the British people. There are some principled Labour MPs, but the majority are brain-dead sheep who will loyally provide voting fodder for Broon whenever they are called upon to do so.

Bliar was elected promising to serve a full term: again, this promise was abandoned in government and we are lumbered with a Prime Minister who was not elected. There is no comparison with John Major replacing Margaret Thatcher: no one in 1987 could have forecast that happening: the change was made in response to events. The Bliar to Broon handover had been planned for years, therefore there was no excuse for the failure to keep the promise which had been made to the electorate.

When there is such abject failure to protect or even respect democracy in either the UK or European Parliaments, comparison to totalitarian regimes is not unreasonable. We need more elected politicians who have the courage and principle to speak out.

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