Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Turin Shroud

Rageh Omaar's documentary last night was one of the best things I have seen on TV in a long time. THAT is what the BBC gets our licence fee for - not the mindless gibbering or atheist, left-wing nonsense we hear from too many so-called stars.

Anyhoo, to say it was thought-provoking is an understatement. It is now clear that the original carbon dating was wrong and the shroud is almost certainly far older than the 14th Century. Of course, we can never say for sure that the Shroud is the actual burial shroud of Jesus. However, it is now clear that its features are far too accurate for it to have been a hoax and, frankly, it is looking more and more likely that it is the real artefact.

Infuriatingly, the DNA from the bloodstains on the shroud appears to have been contaminated too badly to ever extract a meaningful reading from it. THAT would have been the most fascinating thing of all. Is it proof of the Resurrection? No, but it is certainly another slice of evidence towards it. It looks very much as though a recently deceased body was wrapped in the shroud, but it did not decompose for any length of time in the shroud. It is at least possible that this was because of the Resurrection. I have certainly moved from a position where I thought that, on balance, the Shroud was not genuine, to one where I believe that, on balance, it probably is.


Jesus said...

you sir are a plank!

Didactophobe said...

Forgive me if I consider this to be one of the less reasoned theses on the subject in question. However, your comment is duly noted.

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