Saturday, 17 May 2008

Don't you feel safe?

There are probably few qualifications that one needs to be a cleaner at an airport. Willingness to work hard? Probably. Get dirty? Of course. Be trustworthy? Assuredly. Be a convicted hijacker who is currently out on bail on an assault charge?

Yet, surprisingly (or not) enough, Nazamuddin Mohammidy has been cheerily working away at Heathrow, complete with a pass for restricted areas. He came to this country to seek asylum from Afghanistan. Undoubtedly, getting away from the Taliban was a good idea. However, since then the Taliban has been overthrown. After billions of pounds and dollars being spent on it, Afghanistan is (in theory at least) under the control of a friendly government. Why would it not be safe for this man to return there? How many convictions does a foreign criminal need to stack up before they get deported? And how on earth could a HIJACKER get a job at a British AIRPORT?

You couldn't make it up...

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