Sunday, 18 May 2008

'Tough on Crime' - what a sick joke.

When New Labour swept to power in 1997, they did so promising to be 'Tough on Crime, Tough on the Causes of Crime'. In the event, they have done neither. Predictably enough, the 'causes' were the usual socialist nonsense about 'deprived' people needing money thrown at them. ONE AND A QUARTER TRILLION POUNDS of ADDITIONAL expenditure since then has been funded by our taxes; by flogging off the country's gold reserves and by government borrowing.

What do we have to show for it? A country where the underclass is growing. They are not deprived in any material sense, whatever the socialists might argue. They ARE deprived in a moral sense. Generations of families who have never done a day's work in their lives; families where children are raised without a father figure; where single mothers have children by several men; where there is no respect for authority.

The underclass will continue to breed like rabbits because they see no reason not to. They know their rights: they have no sense of responsibility. They really believe that it is everyone else's duty to pay up to keep them in their idleness. They think this because it is not PC any more to suggest there is anything wrong with depraved lifestyles. Labour will not discourage them, because feckless, amoral morons will vote Labour as reliably as they will cash and spend their Giros.

An excellent article in the Daily Mail this week reports on the rise of girl gangs. In the featured story, one fat piece of filth tried to murder an old lady by throwing her into traffic. Of course, she and her pals cannot be named because they are 'under age'. Their victim enjoyed no such protection, of course.

The punishment? To attend a course in 'anger management' and to keep out of trouble for 12 months. What is the course in anger management supposed to achieve? She wasn't ANGRY when she committed this offence. It was committed out of sheer evil. As long as she complies with the referral order, her condition will be considered to be 'spent' by the end of it. So, future employers, schools (she is still only 14, so will be returning to school) etc will not need to be informed that someone in their midst tried to murder a defenceless old lady.

It is time the law was changed so that creatures like this are not protected. If it is a SERIOUS offence, a juvenile should have no more right to anonymity than an adult offender. Name and shame them. They should also have no right to special treatment. This offence SHOULD have resulted in a conviction for attempted murder that would NEVER be 'spent'. It should need to be confessed until her dying day. She should spend a LONG time behind bars.

I would go further. We need a zero tolerance approach in this country. Put violent and repeat offenders into chain gangs like they do in parts of the US. Humiliate them. Show them that the law in this country is on the side of decent people, not scum.

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