Saturday, 21 June 2008

Chubby Oxbridge classics students have more fun, don't they?

Boris Johnson, Nadia Witkowski, I wish I had studied Classics at Oxford or Cambridge.

In a blatantly sexist move, poor old Nadia was denied the victory she deserved because the crowd cheered more loudly for her skinny blonde opponent. Absolutely outrageous miscarriage of justice. Nadia then punched a spectator and brawled with two bouncers who tried to remove a bottle of Lambrini from her, leading to a police caution.

I don't normally endorse assaults carried out by bottle-wielding angry women. However, the end of term high jinks was (presumably) not the most academically challenging thing that any of those in attendance had been faced with recently.

One thing is unclear: how much is her parents' house worth? According to the Daily Mail, it is worth £700,000, but the Daily Express only values it at £550,000. I suppose the Mail should know.

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